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TerranoZergus Some questions Blizzard cannot ask, but certainly wants answered. It’s obvious that it cannot simply approach gamers and ask “hey, would YOU pay a monthly fee for StarCraft 2?

We assure you – it’s not that Blizzard doesn’t care, or that Vivendi doesn’t want to know. WoW is the most commercially successful product in the history of video gaming, and the monthly fee model will receive major consideration in all future Blizzard titles – be they MMORPG, RTS, or of any other genre.

Our poll, which has been up for close to two months, represents the opinion of Blizzard’s most important demographic – the sort of people who follow their announcements, play on beta servers and [religiously] cling to every bit of information released. The sort of people who play Blizzard games now, and will continue purchasing every game with a Blizzard logo as long as Blizzard sticks to the standards we all got used to.
Poll Results for SC2

With this poll, our readers have sent a clear and undeniable message to the people responsible for the monetization of StarCraft 2 – 72 percent simply won’t or can’t pay the monthly fee. An additional 14 percent won’t pay more than a special one time fee.

A total of 86 percent are firmly against the monthly fee.

This leaves roughly 14% of Blizzard’s most loyal demographic – and with 3% sitting on the fence, we are left with just 11% of all poll participants are willing to pay a monthly fee for StarCraft 2.

Hopefully, our efforts and your votes will help Blizzard make the right decision.

Anderson MccutcheonThe SC2 Blog has come a long way since its inception in early July 2007. In just six months, we have published over a hundred articles and updates – many of which were translated to Russian, Korean, Chinese, and other languages. Our updates and feeds are used on gaming sites, blogs and Wikis, and the SC2 Blog enjoys thousands of returning visitors and feed readers.

StarCraft 2 is coming – the Zerg, the closed and open betas, the game’s gold release and its collectors edition are just around the corner. The inevitable tournaments, battle reports and replays, custom maps, fan fiction stories and other art – millions of gamers will generate more news than our small but dedicated team could ever cover.

This is why we need YOU. We are looking for people who like to write, cover, analyze, and share their expertise with fellow gamers. Community and clan leaders, professional gamers, modders and replayers, fans of the StarCraft books – if you feel the need for a bigger stage and a larger audience and you are eager to be heard – we need YOU.

Currently, there are four key positions that we would like to fill:

1) Progaming tournaments and League coverage – if you play StarCraft, WarCraft 3 or Vikings professionally and plan on switching to StarCraft 2 as soon as it comes out, we’d like to hear from you.

2) ScumEdit and Modding – if you are proficient with StarEdit and enjoy releasing original maps for WarCraft 3, you will have the opportunity to release your StarCraft 2 maps to thousands of fans. People working with DoTA, Tower Defense and other popular custom games are more than welcome.

3) Replays, Videos and Battle Reports – Proficient in creating high-quality battle reports? Know about every live tournament video and good at spotting A+ quality replays? We’ll gladly have you on-board.

4) Lore expert – Have you read all the books? Know Kerrigan‘s maiden name and Raynor’s shoe size? Well, most people don’t, and sometimes Blizzard themselves get lost in their own complex universes. Covering lore-related stories, fan-art and books requires quite a lot of knowledge and a deep understanding of the StarCraft Universe – not the easiest position.

Here is a brief FAQ. We will also answer questions via email and comments.

Q) How do I apply?
A) Email: anderson AT terranozergus.com – tell me as much as you can about yourself and don’t forget to send links, attachments and other relevant examples of your work.

Q) I already have a site/blog/online presence – what’s in it for me?
A) You’ll get proper credit and exposure for your site, as a writer or as a source – particularly if you specialize in fan fiction, replays or custom maps.

Q) I want to apply for a position which is not listed in your post – what do I do?
A) You are more than welcome to either email me or leave a detailed comment – there are plenty of ways a talented person can contribute.


We are proud to present our newest creation and hope our readers will enjoy it – today we have launched our own Webcomic – the Official Unofficial StarCraft 2 Comic.
SC2 Comic‘s story, characters and events are based on Blizzard’s StarCraft universe, and inspired by the upcoming StarCraft 2 game.
The first comic is called “Four Years of Peace – The Real Reason“.

Zerg Typing

The comic will be updated on an irregular basis, and we suggest subscribing to it via RSS.

Nothing is happening in the StarCraft 2 Universe, so here’s a StarCraft comics compilation for the weekend.

Nostalgic piece by BadassHamster:
*To see the comic better, click the thumbnail

badasshamster starcraft comic

 Penny Arcade’s old comic about World of StarCraft.
*To see the comic, click the thumbnail

Wos comic

Penny Arcade’s slightly newer comic about StarCraft 2 and Blizzard’s motivational methods
*To see the comic, click the thumbnail
Starcraft 2 comic - keeping secrets

Alt-Ctrl-Dels take on Korea’s perfectly normal obsession Korea gets a hard-on

Have a good weekend.

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