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Zerg Rumors

Is the Zerg race going to be announced a week from today? A Team liquid forum post brings to our attention the fact that on March 10, in an official Blizzard event in South Korea, the Zerg race will be showcased to the world for the first time. Demo stations will be set up, allowing visitors to play StarCraft 2 with all three races. Frank Pearce, vice-president of Blizzard Entertainment, will also be attending the event.

It’s important to note that the source of this information are Korean gaming sites, and that Blizzard has not officially confirmed this yet.




A new book has been announced for the StarCraft universe: I, Mengsk. Written by Graham McNeill, who is also known for writing Warhammer books and codexes.

I, Mengsk is a look at three generations of the Mengsk family from the inside out…what shaped Arcturus and the years of his life we haven’t seen yet: the relationship between his father and his son. It’s a novel about what it means to be a Mengsk, a story of fathers and sons, and looks at whether a man’s destiny is his own and how it is shaped by the generation before it.”


It’s been a busy couple of weeks here, with the Starcraft novel entering the final straits. I’ve begun the final third of the book and so far it’s going well, the pace is good, the vibe I’m getting from the characters is good, the plot’s moving forward at the right pace and, best of all, Blizzard seem to be liking it so far.

The book will join Christy Golden’s StarCraft 2 novels in stores on December 28, 2008.


Arcturus Mengsk



Karune, Blizzard’s RTS community manager, has answered a few gameplay related questions that were posted on Battle.net.

In response to a question about whether or not units are able to use abilities inside a Bunker that’s being salvaged, Karune says:

In the current build, when you initiate Salvage on a Terran Bunker, units inside the Bunker will no longer be able to use their abilities.

Much of the mechanics around Salvage are still to be balanced, though I don’t think it would be terribly hard, especially since the duration it takes to Salvage a building can be changed easily.

Karune also addresses a few questions about the recently announced Protoss Nullifier:

The Nullifier will be a mechanical unit and there has yet to be a screenshot. Hopefully, we will get one out to everyone shortly, with the new changes to the overall colors of StarCraft II as well.


One key thing to note about Nullifiers being ‘Mechanical’ is that it will not be affected by certain abilities, such as the Snipe ability from a Ghost. Certain casters will be more vulnerable to those biological focused abilities such as the High Templar.

Nullifiers are shaping up to becoming very powerful units that will be effective throughout any StarCraft 2 match. We will not be surprised to see them moved higher up in the tech tree – perhaps to the Robotics Facility, where Protoss mechanical units normally reside.

StarCraft 2 will be released for the XBOX 360 – this unsurprising rumor has started after one of Altgn’s users has stumbled upon a strange selling-point feature for a game on Microsoft Retail Zone website.

The question which was found on Microsoft Retail Zone was:

Q. Which of the following are defining features of Universe at War?


1. The first ever Xbox 360/PC cross-platform RTS
2. Tactical dynamics create the best RTS until Starcraft 2.
3. Truly unique factions and customization
4. Free one-month Games for Windows LIVE Gold subscription
5. All of the above
6. None of the above

Now, assuming this is a good-faith, completely out-of-the-blue answer, this is pretty much the equivalent of Microsoft asking

Q) Which of the following are defining features of MicroSoft Office 2007?
A2) It’s the best Office suite, until Open Office 2.6 is released.
A3) ….

Which is quite unreasonable – creating awareness for a piece of software that Microsoft has nothing to do with, and is a future competitor of the product which is the subject of the question itself. On the other hand, the RTS genre has quite a dedicated crowd, and there is a slim chance that Microsoft sincerely believes one of Universe at War‘s key selling points is that it will keep gamers entertained until StarCraft 2 hits the RTS playground.

Either way, a console version of StarCraft 2 is a rather predictable move, especially considering the fact that StarCraft 64 was released for the Nintendo 64, and Blizzard spent 4 years (2002-2006) developing StarCraft Ghost, a console-oriented action game based in the StarCraft universe.

StarCraft Ghost

Blizzard, seeing that recent RTS titles such as Command and Conquer 3 were successfully ported to consoles, and with the XBOX 360 offering all the needed multiplayer capabilities as well as tested RTS control schemes, has little reason to not offer StarCraft 2 on as many platforms as technologically possible.

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