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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Replay Roundup, where we bring you only the best and most entertaining video replays of high level StarCraft 2 games. Today’s replays are going to be from games played over the last month of phase one of the beta. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re not great! First up, we have two matches featuring Sen, a Taiwanese player, playing against two well known pro-gamers: Artosis and fan-favorite Liquid’TheLittleOne.

First up, a short game between Sen and Artosis, a Zerg versus Zerg on Lost Temple.

An unorthodox play by one of the Zerg players decisively wins this game, where no clear advantage was had by either player up until that point. Will this strategy be more commonly used when the beta returns?

Next up, another game featuring Sen as Zerg playing against TLO’s Terran on Kulas Ravine.

In this long game, both players display great skill as they struggle to harass each other while taking over their side of the map. Non-stop battles take place all over and unique strategies are employed to produce a great victory!

Lastly, we have a game from the EU versus Asia tournament, cast by the awesome Day[9], and featuring TheLittleOne once more in a Random versus Terran game on Blistering Sands.

Getting Zerg as his race, he proceeds to play the entire match using two units only – producing another epic game, TLO style.


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