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The first of the two StarCraft 2 Beta phases has come to an end. Launched in mid February this year, the public beta lasted almost 4 months and introduced changes to SC2 through a total of 16 patches. Multiple Battle.net data resets were also applied to allow Blizzard to test and retest Battle.net 2.0 and the match-making system.

StarCraft 2 Beta Phase 1 Comes to an End

The second and final beta phase, planned to begin shortly before the game is released on July 27, 2010, will erase all previous StarCraft 2 versions players have accumulated over the course of the beta and eliminate replay backward-compatibility.

When the second phase of beta begins shortly before the release of the game it will include a new patch. This patch will be removing all previous version folders. Any replays created during the first phase of the beta will no longer be viewable once the next phase begins.


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