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Blizzard is not slowing down. Despite the impeding StarCraft 2 beta shut down, a new patch has been released and Battle.net‘s databases have been wiped clean. The patch deals mostly with upgrades, but also takes the Terran Siege Tank down a notch.


Improved the system that handles initial placement and promotion/relegation between Leagues & Ladders.

Patch 15 - Here comes the final wipe

In an interesting change to the ladder system, it’s no longer possible for players to be placed into the highest league – Diamond – right after the five initial placement matches. Instead, players who display good skill during the placement matches will be placed into Platinum, and only then be promoted to Diamond if they prove their worth.

Balance Changes



Weapon upgrade bonus decreased from 1 (+1 Light) to 1.


Nitro Packs research cost decreased from 100/100 to 50/50.

Siege Tank

Siege Mode damage decreased from 60 to 50.


Anti-air weapon upgrade bonus decreased from 1 (+1 Light) to 1


Brood Lord

Weapon upgrade bonus decreased from 3 to 2.

Quite a significant change to the Siege Tank. The likely cause is the indirect buff it received a few patches ago, in the form of a change to the way splash damage works.

The splash damage now originates from the center of the target, rather than the impact location near the unit in order to maintain more reliable splash damage.

As detailed in our Terran strategy overview, the Siege Tank will still rule the ground with its range-superiority. However, its weapon is now less effective against some key targets. Here’s a short breakdown of the changes:

  • No longer one-shots Combat-Shield Marines
  • Needs 4 shots to kill Zealots
  • +1 weapons upgrade no longer kills Stalkers in 3 shots, Marauders in 2
  • Roaches will survive 3 hits as long as they’re not instantaneous: further use added for burrowing Roaches
  • 4 shots needed to kill an enemy siege Tank
  • Same amount of shots required for Zerglings (1) and Hydralisks (2), but more shots are needed in the lower-damage area of effect radii for many units, including Hydralisks

Overall, this is quite a meaningful adjustment to this unit, although further impacts will likely not surface until the second stage of the beta.


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