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Blizzard has released the much anticipated and perhaps last patch of the first StarCraft 2 Beta phase. Recently applied, it has fixed some of the limbo that player b.net records were in prior to the update.

The patch focuses mainly on Zerg upgrades and abilities, converting some optional upgrades into default unit features. As with all recent updates, Blizzard has released a Situation Report to clarify the reasoning behind these changes, and we will integrate the explanations into the patch notes along with further commentary to flesh them out.


Build time decreased from 17 to 12.

As Blizzard mentioned in a recent situation report, the Archon’s main purpose is to serve as a way to recycle mana-depleted High Templars, a common situation that renders these expensive and fragile units helpless in the midst of battle. With this change, the Protoss have a significantly faster way to turn the fragile casters into massive AoE tanks.

Archons can now merge a little faster so “mid battle merges” will be a little bit more practical.

Archons Ready For Battle


Ground damage decreased from 14 to 12.

Situation Report:

The Viking’s damage has been reduced to make them a little less effective on the ground. Massed Vikings were a little too powerful in a few late game scenarios. Vikings have also become very dominant in terran vs. terran matches and we are testing to see if a small damage reduction will make some other units more viable.

In Terran vs. Terran matches, Vikings are mainly used to control the skies – they’d likely remain almost as prevalent even if their ground mode was removed completely. In these matches, when the skies are clear, Tanks are free to dominate the ground.


Corruption energy cost decreased from 100 to 75.

Burrowed move speed increased from 1 to 2.
Peristalsis upgrade removed.

Organic Carapace upgrade removed.
Tunneling Claws now also increases burrowed regeneration rate from 5 to 10.

Situation Report:

There are many different upgrades on the zerg, the Roach and the Infestor both had three upgrades. We are reducing and combining these upgrades so the units get a little bit more powerful or so that you have to buy fewer upgrades to complete your units. We have also reduced the cost of several energy abilities on the Zerg that didn’t see a lot of use. We will continue to monitor these abilities moving forward.

Having been vigorously hit with the nerfhammer over the course of the recent patches, the Roach finally receives some mid-game love. Bringing the regeneration rate upgrade down from Hive level (tier 3) to Lair (tier 2) and bundling it with the Tunneling upgrade is bound to provide a solid edge for players willing to upgrade and micro their Roach swarms.

It's a Trap!

Anabolic Synthesis upgrade removed.
Health increased from 450 to 500.
Speed increased from 2.25 to 2.9531.

Situation Report
Ultralisks have been buffed to include their speed upgrade as by default and to give them a little more endurance in big fights. This may or may not be enough to get the Ultralisk ultimately where we want him to be. We will continue testing going forward.

Unlike the Roach, the Ultralisk has been getting buff after buff. The current one will make it move 31% faster out of the box, meaning it is now as fast as a non-upgraded Zergling. Will this be enough to make the Ultralisk a solid option in late game matches?

The patch also included a few fixes and UI adjustments:

Map Publishing: the default Battle.net host now points to the correct server.
Time Expiration notices that were added for testing of the Guest Pass functionality have been removed.
Fixed a crash when trying to open an old replay by double-clicking it in Explorer.

That’s all for this patch. With 5 more days left for this phase of the beta, these changes will not be rigorously tested. This is the time to fulfill your duty as a beta tester and play till your eyes melt to provide some fine feedback to Blizzard while still possible! Get out there and fight, soldier!

It's an Order!


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