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StarCraft 2 Beta Keys For T-shirt Ideas Contest Winners

We’ve received a great amount of submission for our recent StarCraft 2 Beta key contest and have been blow away by the amount of creativity and design skill some of our community members have displayed! We’re going to present most of the winning submissions; skipping quite a few, but only because there were so many – we actually ended up giving more than 30 keys to our readers.

Here are the top submissions for your viewing pleasure. We’ve refrained from mentioning the names of people, as many of them are real names – coming from Facebook rather than being aliases. All entries are exactly as submitted, in either text or picture form.



Kentucky Fried Zerg

GLHF Greeting TShirt

* <picture of a Baneling> I’m fat and volatile, don’t f@%# with me.

Save a baneling

* Picture is of an Infestor next to a Colossus that has a Neural Parasite. Colossus is seen firing at and chasing several nearby fleeing probes with its laser. Text: “COLOSSAL FAIL”

mothership independance tshirt

* Front: +3/3,  Back: Good Luck.

Mommaship jokes Tshirt

* “I make dead people” (Reaper picture)

I Love SC

And in the darkness bind them

Testing Immortals tshirt

Well, do you?

* Starcraft 2 Logo: Text: “What a Rush

600 years of Flight

* Picture is the Feedback icon. Text: “Never ask a High Templar to critique your writing. You won’t like his Feedback.”

1A 2A 3A - Not 1A!

* In my mind I am in your mind and in your mind I am the Overmind”

Go Zergling!

Cation, Zerg Rush in Progress!Carrier Express!

* The most trademark and intellectual property infringing design award goes to…

StarCraft 2, about time!

* Best execution of the nuked shirt design:

a nuked shirt

Cant touch sentry!

Who doesn't?

Don’t we all.

That’s it for this contest. GG, and thank you all for participating. If you haven’t gotten a StarCraft 2 beta key yet, don’t despair – we have more keys to give and more contests coming up.

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