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If you

A) Don’t have a StarCraft 2 Beta key
B) Want a StarCraft 2 Beta key

… and you’re witty and/or creative enough to think of a cool T-shirt concept, getting a StarCraft 2 Beta key is just one comment away!

Noob Shirt - Close But No Cigar

Over the next 72 hours, we’ll be giving out 20 StarCraft 2 Beta keys to readers with the sickest, wittiest, most creative StarCraft-related T-shirt ideas. Yes, it’s that simple.


1) Write or sketch out a T-shirt idea.
2) Post the text or link to the picture in the comments or post on our Facebook page, along with your email address.

On Friday, April 30th, we’ll exchange a key for your idea if you’re in the top 20!


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