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The SC2Blog is Giving YOU a Beta Key!

If you

A) Don’t have a StarCraft 2 Beta key
B) Want a StarCraft 2 Beta key

Well then, things just got a lot simpler for you. We will be handing out 24 StarCraft 2 beta keys to anyone posting a real picture of themselves with “SC2Blog.com got me into the StarCraft 2 Beta” boldly hand-written on either shirt, skin or anything large enough to not fit into an oven!

StarCraft 2 Beta Logo

All you have to do is publish that picture on one of the following:

1) An active public forum
2) Our Facebook wall
3) A YouTube video

And then post a link to it, along with an email, in the comments!

Yes, this time it’s that simple. And even simpler, here’s a freebie for ye of high APM!


Update: This giveaway has come to an end. GL HF in the next ones!

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