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StarCraft Scientist: Cool Instructional StarCraft 2 Videos

StarCraft 2, just like its predecessor, is full to the brim with cool gameplay mechanics just waiting to be discovered and (ab)used to their maximum potential. With some micromanagement skill, correct positioning and knowledge of the game’s subtleties, you too can gain a competitive edge in the e-arena!

StarCraft Scientist – the newest addition to the SC2Blog crew, will be exploring and documenting these useful, tricky game mechanics, and we will post them for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado:

Smart Blinking: How to blink a large group of Stalkers over a cliff with no Protoss left behind.

Might take some practice, but one can’t really cliff-blink a full contingent of Stalkers without it.

Void Ray Micro: Keeping your Void Rays charged and ready for battle may require a high APM count to pull off, but considering the fact that a fully charged Void Ray can output up to X4 the damage, it’s often worth the clicks!

Xel’ Naga Tower control: Manipulating the tower to keep it under your control while your unit stays safe from harm.

Creeping up cliffs: How to make Zerg creep tumors spread creep up to inaccessible higher ground with just a little help from an Overlord.

That’s all for now! If you like the videos, make sure to subscribe to StarCraft Scientist’s YouTube channel, and if you have some tips and tricks of your own that you’d like to be made into tutorials, leave them in the comments or post on our Facebook page.

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