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StarCraft 2 Beta Key Contests: 38 Beta Keys to Earn

Beta season is on the horizon! A total of 38 StarCraft 2 beta keys will be given out by TeamLiquid and SC2Forums, so if you’re capable of making videos, baking cakes or are willing to write an extensive StarCraft guide, now is your time to shine.

StarCraft 2 Beta Key Contest

The video contest, taking place between the 1st and 14th of the June, asks fans to submit StarCraft related videos on the following subjects:

  • Outpost Outtakes:
    Best podcast oriented video. Examples would include (but are not limited to) a webcam show, a creative commentary on a match, or a voice-over of an existing StarCraft cinematic.
  • I’m an “SC”:
    Best fan-made StarCraft 2 commercial.
  • Psi Report:
    Best “coverage” of StarCraft 2’s release. Should be in news broadcast format. Examples would include a reporter covering StarCraft 2’s release or interviewing fans about it.
  • Auir’s Funniest Videos:
    Best general comedy video.
  • Carapace of Creativity:
    Most creative overall video.
  • Mutalisk Muse:
    Best cover of a StarCraft theme or StarCraft music video.

For instance, here’s the first person to camp out for StarCraft 2…

Here’s the quick rules briefing:

  • Minimum 720×480 resolution.
  • Minimum length 1:00, maximum length 3:00 (Not strict).
  • Can be submitted via YouTube, etc. but must be available upon request in avi video format.
  • Must be StarCraft related.
  • Must be PG rated (no excessive violence, profanity, nudity, etc.).
  • No illegal acts may be displayed in the video.
  • Submitted videos must be original content and not include copyrighted material outside of Blizzard Entertainment owned entities (this includes music).
  • All videos must be submitted by June 22nd, 2009.

Check out SC2Forum’s full video contest and signup details and more creative samples on the contest page.

StarCraft 2 Beta Key Banner

Team Liquid’s 20 key giveaway contest is a bit more diverse, allowing players to bake, write or win their way into the coveted beta.

  • Bake a cake (or similar original StarCraft inspired pastry)
  • Write a guide
  • Join a multi-discipline StarCraft tournament series.

Both sites have slightly adjusted their initial contest schedules, have published eligibility rules and participation requirements (for instance, players from China can’t participate in TL’s tournament) – so be sure that you’re in the green before applying.

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