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BlizzCon Tickets Sold Out Ridiculously Fast; Brace for Batch #2

If, at any point, you find yourself running a multi-billion dollar company which throws up a self-promotional annual event, sells attendance tickets at $125 a pop… and they sell out in 15 seconds, you’ve probably done something extremely right.

Plenty of Reasons to Smile

While these might not be Michael Morhaime’s exact thoughts, Blizzard deserves credit for having BlizzCon tickets sold out within seconds of becoming available. Although it was not “officially” confirmed, an experiment run by IncGamers provides some justification for the strange ticket queue system that Blizzard had used.

A staff member of IncGamers tried the new system and refreshed the site every second before sales opening. Four seconds after the sales had started, the queue was over 2.500 buyers long, and 10 seconds later the queue was full. The actual queue time to pay the tickets took about 30 minutes. Every fan in the queue could buy up to five tickets.

The event is planned to take place in a convention centre fit to accomodate nearly 30,000 people, and the rest of the tickets (A guesstimate total of 10,000-14,000) will be realeased in a second batch ten days from now, on May 30th. Keep your wallets close by – you’ll only have a few seconds to get in on the ground floor.

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