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Lately, we’ve been given an inconsistent stream of mixed messages, in an almost “good news, bad news” fashion. The good news is that images ready for Beta and pre-Beta StarCraft 2 players have been found on Battle.net’s servers. The bad news is that despite the fact that it has been a week, no Blizzard representative has mentioned the find, but the images haven’t been pulled down either.

The existence of these images and the fact that Blizzard has not pulled them down might very well mean that there are people that are using Battle.net and are actually seeing these images.

Full Banner image and box
Pre-Beta StarCraft 2 box
Header image – see linked image name
Beta StarCraft 2 Box image

It’s plausible that these are the real images placed in interfaces that are used by people that have access to the pre-beta testing of StarCraft 2. This is what an account with pre-beta access may look like:

(Courtesy of StarCraftwire)

On Friday, 10th of April,  Blizzard has also released the much anticipated second StarCraft 2 Battle Report – which was pulled down minutes later, before anyone had managed to grab a copy. The report was available on StarCraft2.com, but now, all that remains is the image of the Blistering Sands map, on which the battle took place.

A day before the leak, Karune had assured us that the real Battle Report launch is right around the corner:

Localization is just about finished and we are clearing it through a few more legal channels, as certain countries are more cautious when it comes to gore in video games. I know I’ve been telling ya, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. Will keep you updated.


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