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The launch of Blizzard’s new Battle.net account system brought with it the option to opt-in to beta eligibility, which grants the chance to participate in the much expected StarCraft 2 Beta. Today, Karune made another major announcement, addressing those who have already secured their participation in the upcoming massive crowdsourced QA.

If you have a BlizzCon key from 2008, you can now register it at http://blizzcon.com/beta

Please note that the key on the back of the BlizzCon card is NOT a StarCraft II ‘key’. When you opt in on the above site, your email will be added to a distribution list for a guaranteed StarCraft II beta key. When time comes, an email containing a StarCraft II beta key will be mailed out to those who registered with their BlizzCon key. At that point, players will be able to enter their StarCraft II beta key at their Battle.net account management page, allowing them the ability to download the StarCraft II beta client.

Starcraft 2 Beta Key Signup for an Email with a Key with a Key for a StarCraft 2 Beta signup

The SC2Blog has decided to exercise their Blizzard-given right and sign up for the beta. The link http://blizzcon.com/beta actually redirects to a WorldofWarcraft.com form page, which, once filled and submitted, rewarded us with a short notification of a signup success.

Beta Key Submission Success

This was indeed followed by a laconic email, which read:

This eMail is to confirm the address entered for the Blizzard Future Beta Sign-Up.
When the chosen beta test begins in the future, we will eMail this address with further instructions. Please keep this eMail active and make sure to check back — you never know when your invitation will appear!

Thank you for your interest in testing our games — we hope to see you soon!

Having gone through the procedure without finding a single concrete hint for the intention of launching the beta in the immediate future, we can’t help but wonder whether this year’s Blizzcon visitors will get to play the released game or settle for the second batch of beta keys.


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