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Looking into the Four Screenshots

Recently, the official StarCraft 2 website has been updated with four beautiful new screenshots. The images tell stories of epic battles, serving as great reminders that StarCraft 2 is not just a micromanagement fest, but also a game of great wars and battles involving huge armies.

Without further ado:

A giant "LASER"

* Click for big

This screenshot features a bona fide Terran siege, stationed on a cliff overlooking a lightly defended Protoss base. The few Phase Cannons and two Colossi are no match for the devastating fire power the Terran have brought in for this assault.


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The next screenshot is all about the Zerg. Although this Protoss base is better positioned to handle an attack and has more weapons in place to defend it, the swarm engulfs it from all sides, leaving little room for the Protoss to maneuver.

Defensive Matrix

* Click for big

This one shows the Terran Defensive Matrix ability for the first time. The Matrix, previously a Science Vessel spell, is now an ability that Battlecrusiers possess – however, it can only be used on themselves. Two other Battlecruisers, which have elected to go with the Yamato Cannon ability instead, are also seen, and the difference between the design of the different Battlecruiser types is visible as well.


* Click for big

Lastly, this beautiful screenshot shows StarCraft 2’s newly discovered quality – the night time scene. In this one, the Terran army is holding a heavily defended choke point against the Zerg attack. Since the attack is not coordinated and the Terran forces are well-positioned, this one isn’t likely to break through.

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