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The First StarCraft 2 Battle Report – Analysis

Finally. Blizzard has released a high-resolution, well narrated, well played and action packed StarCraft 2 video. The Battle Report features two of Blizzard’s “game balance designers” (dream job ?), Matt as Protoss and David as Terran – fighting for dominance on StarCraft 2 Alpha map “Kulas Ravine”. It is narrated by none other than Dustin Browder – StarCraft 2’s lead designer, who is accompanied by Robert Simpson of  the eSports devision.

StarCraft 2 Battle Report Intro

Kulas Ravine was obviously not a randomly chosen map – it incorporates virtually all of StarCraft 2’s new battlefield elements:

And the game itself could not have served as a better showroom for all of StarCraft 2’s novelties.

Observer Battle Information Box:

All throughout the game, the observers enjoyed a multi-mode, translucent information box, providing data summaries for:

  • Resources: Current Mineral, Gas and Food counts
  • Production: Unit, Research and Construction
  • Unit: Total unit count summary

StarCraft 2 Information Box

Observers were also able to see units’ Health Bars and player’s commands – however it remains unclear whether the Observers enjoyed the additional info during the live game or via a replay viewer.

Destroyable Barriers:

Played a major role from the very beginning, culminating in an epic Barrier destruction race to save/destroy an expansion. The Terran’s ability to lift n’ load ® allowed David to take advantage of an isolated natural expansion for quite a while, only to find himself unable to assist the mining SCVs when a Colossus barged in later on.

Xel’ Naga Watch Towers:

Multiple Watch Towers placed in the middle of the map provide the controlling player with invaluable ground movement information. The Watch Towers have been captured right at the beginning of the match and have changed hands multiple times as the players struggled for mid-map dominance.

Kulas Ravie Map

Proxy Pylons:

Protoss remote warp stations. Absolutely vital for the Protoss’ ability to keep the pressure on from the very start. The Pylon is a great point of retreat and regroup and serves as attack launching spot. The enemy will have great trouble in attacking other targets as long as a well placed Proxy Pylon remains in place.

Marauder Kiting and Trapping:

Charging Zealots are not really avoidable for most ground units. Upgraded Zealots close the distance extremely fast, and swarm enemy units in a fashion that would make Zerglings blush. However, even these units have been kited (to some success) by Maraueders.
The Marauders themselves have played a cetral and vital role throughout the game – used to lure and trap (by stunning shots) units early on, deliver deadly assaults in numbers, and to successfully kite (hit and run) when outnumbered has positioned the Marauder as a key weapon in the Terran’s arsenal – a status that the Firebat has never attained.

This is the very first of many millions of StarCraft 2 replays to come – a must for every StarCraft 2 fan.



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