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The StarCraft 2 news world has slowed down lately, with Blizzard focusing intensely on development and not revealing much to the hungry public. The only new information comes from Karune, Blizzard’s RTS community manager, and his trusty sidekick, Cydra, who, in their infinite benevolence, bestow StarCraft 2 tidbits upon the Battle.net forums from time to time. We’ve rounded up the interesting, notable communications from the past week:

First, Cydra reveals that the Protoss Mothership’s status has been changed again:

Only one Mothership can be warped in per a player.

You can have multiple Queens with your Hatchery and Spawning pool, and Queen is very useful unit for both offensive and defensive strategies. Currently Queen has Creep Tumor building ability and Mutant Larva spawning ability. And one more skill can be researched at the Lair, which is very powerful for the defense and offense as well.

The Mothership first appeared in the StarCraft 2 video introduction last year in Korea and was heralded as a unique unit that represents the epitome of Protoss technological and psychic progress. Since then, it has been transformed into a normal unit with a very undefined role, taking on and shedding off various attributes and abilities. It seems that even a month of discussion did no good, though, hopefully, our poll on the subject will help Blizzard decide what to do with this unit, which, while having a very interesting concept, has a hard time when it comes to gameplay.


Next, Cydra answers a few specific questions about upgrades and the buildings they require:

1) Is the observatory back in the game?
2) Which buildings are the warp prism, observer and phoenix speed and sight upgrades at?
3) Is the nullifier’s black beam its regular attack, or a special ability like molecular disruption?
4) What hellion statistic can be upgraded at the tech lab?

1) There is no observatory back in the game. You can warp in Observers at your Robotics Facility.
2) Observer’s movement speed and Warp Prism’s movement speed can be reserached at Null Circuit. Phoenix has no upgrades for the movement speed and range at the current development stage.
3) Nullfier’s Force Beam is its regular attack.
4) Hellion’s upgrade can be researched at Armory.

nullfier force beam

Finally, a good question about combining the power of multiple building selection (MBS) and focus firing using base defenses elicits this response:

You can do focused-fire on a specific enemy unit with your Photon Cannons, Bunkers, Missile Turrets and Spine Crawlers, etc. This would give you more strategical options when you defense your base from the enemy units.

An interesting “side effect” of MBS. In StarCraft 1, such a feat would require intense clicking and would likely not be worth the time investment in most situations. With this advancement in user interface, making efficient use of base defenses by focusing their fire would be much more prevalent.

Over the course of the week, Karune also revealed that the primary focus of development is currently the single player campaign.

Most of the development on the game is currently on single player, so getting new information for you guys in regards to multiplayer gameplay related changes has been more scarce.

That is a good indication that the mechanics, look and feel of the game are almost ready for the beta, which Karune has mentioned just a few days ago

StarCraft II is planned to have a beta 😉


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