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OldSchool Quiz Answers and Winners

We have our winners, and Blizzard has their names. It took just 22 hours and a surprising amount of wrong answers to finally reach our quota. Four readers got all five answers correctly and ironically, so did one that didn’t need the badge at all.

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Without further ado, here are the answers:

1) Chances are, you are facing 1_COOL_GUY, also known as legato. A controversial player that actually had his account reset at the time.


2) At some point, the IN Clan was so successful that Theinclan.com was ranked #4 in Google for “clan”.

Members included INcinerate, INAgent911, INTillerman, INmogkupo, INMojo, INBob and many others… Some were there from the beginning, some were there towards the end.


3) The legendary service was Kali, whose logo adorned the competition’s post.


4) The League was called PGL, Professional Gamers League. Tillerman’s trading card is still being used in advanced shock therapy.


5) Tom Cadwell, aka Zileas. His economy-based analytical approach to RTS got him the BW Beta Championship title, as well as a job in Blizzard later down the road.

Congratulations to the winners. Hopefully, we will get to see you all on October 10th at Blizzcon!

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