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SC2Blog is going to Blizzcon, and so are 4 of our readers – we are running a last-minute, 24 hour, Old School competition. The first readers to answer the quiz correctly will receive Blizzcon entrance badges!

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1) It’s StarCraft B.net Season 2, You are on River Styx versus some Protoss player. A few minutes into the game, your worker line is decimated by a very surprising strategy – a Reaver that pops in and out of a shuttle.


Fill in the x’s in your opponent’s name:



2) Name at least 3 members of the IN clan.


3) What was the name of the popular 20$ one-time fee service that WarCraft 2 games were played on?


4) What was the name of the league that put Tillerman on a trading card?


5) What MIT student became a brilliant Protoss player, contributed greatly to StarCraft: BW’s balance, and later became a Blizzard employee based on the aforementioned achievements?

Send your answers to Anderson AT Sc2blog.com, along with your name. The first four people to answer all questions correctly will receive a confirmation, and their details will be sent to Blizzard.

Remember that you must not only answer all questions correctly, but also be able to attend to convention at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on October 10 and 11.


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