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WorldWide Invitational Swag Bag and Schedule

As is customary in Blizzard events, goody bags are handed out to WWI visitors entering the premises. The small mini-bag with Blizzard’s WWI logo contains a bunch of loot:

WWI Swag

The Swag:

  • Beta key
  • WoW in-game pet
  • A figure from the Upper Deck miniature game
  • A notebook and a mousepad featuring characters from Diablo and StarCraft 2

Today’s schedule includes StarCraft and WarCraft activities, as well as multiple Developer Panels. The schedule doesn’t include StarCraft 2 events, but the Diablo 3 Announcement wasn’t exactly “scheduled” either.

Blizzard\'s WWi Schedule

Stay tuned for more updates from WWI!

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