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A new StarCraft 2 gameplay video has surfaced on YouTube, featuring a late game battle between two opposing Terran armies. The forces mainly consist of Thors, Siege Tanks, Battlecrusiers, and a single Banshee. The video exposes new facets of the StarCraft 2 Terran race, which we will explore here.

Thors are used as all-rounded units and are produced in relatively large numbers. Although they were recently relegated to an anti-air role, they are clearly capable in most battlefield situations. The Thors have massive amounts of hitpoints and long range attacks for both ground and air targets, making them valuable for just about any situation. In the video, they can even be seen functioning as damage tanks – even for Siege Tanks themselves!

The mighty Thor

As has previously been mentioned, the Thors aren’t destroyed immediately when taking enough damage, but instead become wreckages – which stay immobilized on the battlefield, stuck until the player repairs them. It’s not clear whether the repairs are undertaken by SCVs or if the Thor can be “revived” by a click of a button (and some resources). At the 3:57 time point, A Thor wreckage can clearly be seen coming back to life without an SCV working on it.

Siege Tanks, on the other hand, seem somewhat inadequate when facing Thors. The relatively large amount of artillery damage, which usually stops most attackers in their tracks, isn’t enough to deter even a small force of Thors. Do the Terran possess any other means of stopping Thors, aside from even more Thors?

Siege Tanks blasting away

The answer is yes. Like the Thor, the Battlecruiser is an all-rounded unit – possessing the same qualities of the Thor, but in flying form, and with additional powerful offensive abilities. The videoed game seems to revolve around just these two units – a bit disappointing for a game of StarCraft. Hopefully, this battle doesn’t represent the typical Terran versus Terran endgame in StarCraft 2.

Other notable things in the video are the harassing Banshee, which tries to hunt down enemy SCVs, new voices for it and a few other units, and a couple of Medivac Dropships that are aimlessly flying around, as no infantry units are present. The Banshee is seen firing its new focused, non-AoE attack for the first time. At the moment, it seems a bit feeble.


This game likely doesn’t represent the full gamut of effective play styles for the Terran race, focusing solely on the two heavy hitters. Hopefully, even though the Battlecruiser and Thor appear to be extremely well-rounded and powerful, they are not the only late game options available for Terran players.

An official denial from Blizzard has put an end to the recent rumors surrounding the supposed system requirements for StarCraft 2. Despite the fact the requirements were published in a respectable, well circulated Spanish magazine, they were nothing but fictional.

So the following:


Is nothing but a guess, probably based on the the configuration of the PCs that were used to run StarCraft 2 for the magazine’s reporters.

Healthy logic and some of our readers have suggested that the requirements simply can not be real. While the engine is ready, unit and multiplayer feature configurations can swing the requirements in both directions, and Blizzard has absolutely no reason to commit to any setup at this point.


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