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StarCraft 2 System Requirements Revealed

A Spanish gaming magazine, Micromania, has conducted an interview with Blizzard reps while visiting their headquarters. The only new information that’s been gathered is these system requirements for StarCraft 2 (read on for the translation).

StarCraft 2 system requirements

Minumum Requirements
GFX: GeForce 7/8 Series or Radeon 1000/2000 with 256 MB RAM
CPU: Pentium 4
Internet: ADSL 1 Mbit

Recommended Requirements
GFX: GeForce 8000 or Radeon 2000 series with 512 MB RAM
CPU: Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2.
Internet: ADSL 3 Mbit

Optimal Requirements
GFX: Geforce 9000er or Radeon 3000er Series
CPU: Core 2 Duo 3 GHz or Athlon X2
RAM: 2GB with DualChannel mode

Blizzard games usually do not require high end computers, and it looks like StarCraft 2 will not be an exception. Many gamers already possess systems that surpass the recommended requirements and some even the optimal ones. As well, buying a StarCraft 2-capable computer should not require emptying one’s savings account.

The graphic requirements have increased from those that have been leaked during Blizzard’s recent visit to Korea and China, and it seems like the game will now require a Pixel Shader 3.0 capable video card.

It’s interesting to note that the distinction between “minimal” and “recommended” also includes a 2 Mbit difference in connection bandwidth. We already know StarCraft 2 and Battle.Net 2.0 will feature built in VoIP support, but a 1Mbit connection should suffice for that. Does Blizzard hold more surprises in store?

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