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DIY Terran Marine Gauss Rifle

“Papírový model kanónu terranského Mariňáka” is the topic of today’s post.

Extremely dedicated fans from the Czech Republic have created a true to form paper-based model of the Terran Marine‘s 8mm C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle.

A geek and his gun

The rifle is presented from every possible angle in the picture gallery of this Czech StarCraft 2 site, but for those of you who are even more into paper violence, instructions for creating a piece of your own are also available.

[InstructionsModel PartsAlternate Addon]

Aliens Papercraft, the group behind this project, will begin selling the replica on October 4th, later this year. In the mean time, enjoy this video, which showcases the rifle from every imaginable direction (and then some).

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