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Batch #36 of Q&As is here. Featuring ScreenCraft in form an action packed Baneling assault screenshot, the fresh information deals mainly with very specific StarCraft 2 unit details. Starting off, here’s the new picture and its description:

ScreenCraft: This batch’s screenshot is to show the significant size increase of the Baneling since the original Protoss announcement gameplay trailer. The size increase is to allow the possibility of focus firing on incoming Banelings with additional micromanagement.

An army of Banelings invade a developing rival Zerg base.

It appears the Baneling has received some adjustments and improvements since its inception. In this picture, the Banelings’ corrosive acid’s compartments are glowing in radioactive green.

Karune had some more information to provide about the constantly improving graphics:

The Art Team is constantly polishing the units, animations, buildings, maps, and textures.

Even after they’ve added the ‘gritty’ nature to the Terran buildings, they still have not finished. Since then, they’ve added additional animations to them, as well as Terran faction ’emblems’ to them, and completely new Bunker art too.

As much as the gameplay is always being revised, so is the art. The Zerg of all 3 races probably still have the most art additions waiting to be made on it.

With the settings set to ‘High or Ultra,’ there will be some amazing textures, with the Zerg creep being exceptionally notable.

On to the Q&A:

1. Do Protoss Immortals get killed when a Nuke explodes next to them(seeing as the Hardened Shield blocks all high profile attacks and that a Nuke is definitely a high profile attack)?

In term of units, the only units that will be able to survive a Nuke will be the Protoss Mothership and Immortals upgraded with Hardened Shields. An upgraded Immortal will take 10 damage from a Nuke. To all other units, the Nuke will do 800 damage, thus making it much more powerful than the Nuke in the original StarCraft.

Nuke upon protoss

It has been made clear by now that the StarCraft 2 Ghost is getting a lot more love than its previous incarnation – its abilities included. The Nuke is now 60% more devastating, and we’re not sure it’ll be the only improvement made to it.
Blizzard’s will to integrate neglected but powerful StarCraft 1 abilities such as Infestation, Hallucination and the Nuke into standard StarCraft 2 tactic arsenal is apparent – each has received significant improvements.

2. How powerful is the Roach’s regeneration ability? How much time is needed to regenerate from 1 to full hp?

The Roach currently regenerates 15 hit points per second, allowing it to regenerate to full health in 6 seconds. In countering Roaches, a player must either micromanage the battle to make sure they are focus firing on each Roach one at a time, or they have to bring in high damage units such as Siege Tanks or Archons.

The StarCraft 2 Roaches are going to be a nightmare for players who are not micromanage-oriented, inflicting major losses on their armies in the lower-tier portions of the game. This is the unit you’ve been waiting to buy a new gaming mouse for.

Karune adds:

If you had a single Roach vs another Roach, the game would not end 🙂 If you have groups of them, focus firing them will still do the trick.

The Roach at 90 hit points and 15 hp/sec regeneration excels at small number skirmishes, but at large encounters, they are not extremely hard to fight.

1vs1 a Roach will beat a Stalker. 5vs5 a Stalker group which focus fires and a little micromanagement can beat the Roaches with little to no losses.

Roaches are the best at countering units that attack a bit slower and do not do huge amounts of damage with a single attack, such as the Zealot.

3. Are Overseers any tougher than Overlords?

When an Overlord evolves into an Overseer, it will gain a speed bonus, passive detection, the ability to generate creep below it, and the ability to corrupt’ resources to make it more difficult for opponents to gain access to them. Furthermore, when Overseers sit in the same spot, over time its visual range will increase (but not its detection range).

Addressing some questions on the subject, Karune provides a few more pieces of information:

1) The tier 1 Overlord is very slow and does not have detection, though still essential for scouting throughout the game.

2) In generating creep, the Overlord essentially unloads a bunch of creep straight to the ground below it, which expands. Corrupting minerals takes some time to fully cast, but it creates a non-attacking creature that takes over that resource, and needs to be killed before those minerals are able to be gathered. Furthermore, you can corrupt resources that are already being mined, introducing potential Overseer raids to slow the enemy’s production.

3) Neither abilities require energy. Creep generation does not have a cooldown whereas corrupt minerals has a small cooldown timer.

4. Is it worth it to build a Terran Reactor Add-on since the benefit of doubling your queue list is not that useful, as it is often a bad idea to have your queue full?

Yes! The Terran Reactor doesn’t just double the size of your queue list. For a mere 50 minerals and 50 gas cost for the Reactor, that Barracks, Factory, or Starport will have the ability to create two units simultaneously (assuming that unit doesn’t require a tech lab add-on). Most of the time, building the Reactor will be worth it, rather than building a second Barracks, Factory, or Starport. Not only will you be able to build from a single building the production of two normal buildings, you will be able to salvage that Reactor if needed to get 100% of the cost back. Being able to salvage allows for quick tech shifts or evacuations.

The Reactor add-on is indeed a great advantage for the Terran forces, and constitutes a new gameplay concept for StarCraft 2, as we have discussed in our New StarCraft 2 Gameplay Concepts post. What Karune doesn’t mention is the amazing flexibility Terran players are granted when setting up a couple of reactors, allowing them to quickly shift the stress of their production from Infantry to Mechanized to Air Power and back as needed.

5. Will there be different building textures resembling the actual terrain? (in Warcraft 2 the buildings were snowy on the winter maps)

This is something the art team would like to do, though it will ultimately come down to time. There’s a lot of art work still left to do, such as their current task, which is putting the finishing touches on the Terran Marauder amongst several other units. On the Marauder, players will be able to see many intricate animations for both the weapons and their power suits.

6. Did the High Templar’s Hallucination ability undergo any changes due to the introduction of new tough units, such as Thor or Colossus?

The Hallucination ability did not undergo changes because of those new units, but it did get significant buffs since the original StarCraft. First off, hallucinated units still have the same hit points as the original unit, but take double damage. Furthermore, the duration the unit lasts for will be around 2-3 minutes, which will be significantly longer than the original StarCraft. On top of that, to hallucinate a unit only costs 40 energy, which is much cheaper than the original StarCraft’s cost of 100 energy.

As with the Nuke and Infestation abilities, Hallucination has received a major improvement over its StarCraft 1 version. Coupled with the introduction of additional tough units such the Mothership, Colossus and the Terran Thor, Blizzard has provided plenty of incentives for the Protoss players to make Hallucination a part of their standard arsenal.


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