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StarCraft 2 April Discussion Topic: The Baneling

It’s time for a new monthly discussion topic, created by Blizzard for the purpose of gathering fan feedback. This month’s topic is the Baneling, a Zerg unit that’s been revealed way back, during the initial StarCraft 2 announcement in Korea. The Baneling has changed since, but Blizzard is still unsure about its role on the battlefield and requires your opinions.


Here’s a list of the changes the Baneling has gone through recently:



190 damage per Baneling (40+150 to building)
Increased splash range (100% damage taken throughout range)
Can be well positioned to hit multiple buildings
Larger & Movement Speed Slower (possible to defend with focus fire)
Counters Zealots, Zerglings, base Marines (not upgraded) -More Narrow window of use




Fast and small- Unable to defend against (focus fire)
Countered virtually all ground units

The Baneling has transformed into the Zerg’s anti unit-spam measure. Able to take on and harm multiple small enemies, it has enough direct impact damage and splash to take out multiple Marines and Zerglings in a single hit. Not only that, it is extremely dangerous to buildings, especially if they’re clumped up. Suicide runs, aimed at critical buildings or concentrations of defensive structures, will likely be very common – and with the incredible amount of damage each Baneling can inflict, very few of them will actually have to connect with their target. A Phase Cannon, for example, will only survive a single Baneling explosion; the second one will destroy it.


However, since the Banelings are now slower and bigger, players who have their hand on the pulse and can micromanage their forces well enough will be able to take the Banelings down before suffering the explosive consequences. There’s one important thing we don’t know about the Banelings, though, that will ultimately decide how often it is used: how much does it cost?

Blizzard has a few specific questions about the Baneling:

Questions for fans:


* How do you like the new Baneling?


* What possibilites do you see for using the Baneling, what strategies could be viable with the Baneling against the different races?


* What are the pros/cons for this new Baneling?


* Additional feedback you might have

Additionally, the SC2 Blog’s questions are:

1) How much should the Baneling cost? Remember, it’s an evolution of the Zergling which already costs 25 minerals.


2) Should the Baneling be able to mutate back into its original form?


3) How many Banelings should fit inside a single Nydus Worm?

Please structure feedback as follows:

<question you’d like to answer>


<your answer>


<question you’d like to answer>


<your answer>

The Baneling joins two others units, the Ghost and Mothership, in receiving its own dedicated monthly topic. Both units have received major changes since – and the Baneling will too, depending on your feedback!

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