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Blizzard is celebrating 10 years of StarCraft and would like everyone to join in on the fun:

In celebration of StarCraft’s 10-year anniversary, we’d like to invite every one of you to participate in our “I <3 SC” photo mosaic project. This is your chance to be a part of StarCraft history, as we bring together 10 years worth of StarCraft players from all age groups and nationalities into one massive wall of StarCraft.

Here’s a good example by StarCraft’s #1 fan, Sam Didier:


Note the expression of dedication on his face. A true sign of a fan!

For your reference, here’s a fan that won’t receive a prize. Look closely at his disrespectful, uninterested face:

What is the prize, you ask?

50 of these entries will be chosen to win an “I <3 SC” T-shirt. Please make sure you fill out all the required fields in the submission form to be considered for the “I <3 SC” contest.


All entries should be submitted using the entry form located here. All entries should be submitted using the ‘Submit’ button below by 23:53 p.m. CET on April 28, 2008. Results will be posted within two weeks of the contest’s end date.

The short Q&A further explains the rules of participation:

Can we create fan art, hand-drawn images, cinematic stills, etc. with the “I <3 SC” logo for the contest?


Yes. The requirement for each image is that it be 1024×768 in size or larger and have the “I <3 SC” message clearly visible. As long as those conditions are met, photos, hand-drawn images, pictures created with third-party programs, and pieces made in any alternate medium are all acceptable.


If my picture doesn’t get picked as one of the top 100, will it still be possible to be featured in the final mosaic?


Yes. We will end up selecting thousands of images to make up the StarCraft 10-year anniversary mosaic.

What should you, the loyal StarCraft fan, do next to join the party?

  1. Download the picture:
  2. Take a picture worth remembering while holding the sign
  3. Submit it to Blizzard here
  4. Eagerly await the “I <3 SC” T-Shirt

Have fun!


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