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Karune, Blizzard’s RTS community manager, has sprinkled a few new bits of information on the Battle.net forums.

First, he is asked about his thoughts regarding StarCraft 2’s unique units:

In the current build, only the Queen is ‘unique’ (only limited to 1 per Zerg player at any given time). The Thor is currently the Terran’s primary ground to air mechanized unit. More than one Mothership can also be built, though they are quite expensive in cost.

Will the Zerg Queen remain the only unique unit? The concept of its uniqueness is drastically different than both the Mothership and the Heroes of WarCraft 3. The Queen’s role is part of the Zerg’s building and unit evolution; It isn’t just a one-unit army or the pinnacle of the Zerg’s tech tree.
Comments made by Battlarmd and an Anonymous reader in our last post raise a few interesting ideas for both races:

As long as the Mothership is in the lower orbit, all units will get stronger shields, and maybe even decreased mana cost for abilities. Keep the Mothership unique, this way every Protoss player will want to build the Mothership asap, but again, it will be a major attack target by most players, but this kind of ‘fear factor’ will be cool. Maybe even have it so when the Mothership is created, a warning message can be sounded like the nuclear launch, something like “A Protoss Mothership has descended into lower orbit.”

Multiple Motherships?

The Mothership remains as one of the most powerful support units. The Vortex ability can potentially eat whole armies up, if the enemy players do not react fast enough (especially in difficult to maneuver choke points). Furthermore, the Time Bomb is extremely effective at breaking the enemy’s defensive line in a drawn out escalated battle.

The Void ability, Originally known as the Black Hole, has again been renamed to “Vortex“. It seems that the main drawback of this ability, despite being extremely powerful, is that it can relatively easily be dodged. Spells of this type, which are not instantaneous and require careful planning, also take a lot of skill to use. Of course, since the Mothership is not unique, there’s nothing holding a dedicated Protoss player from casting 2 or 3 of those, completely surrounding an enemy army with black death.

Next up, a few Zerg questions answered:

The visuals for the Zerg’s defense structures have not been finalized.


The new defense gameplay mechanisms they are working with on the Zerg are actually introducing many new tactics in terms of how you build your base defense. In order to maximize the efficiency of your defense structures, players will have to place them very strategically. I am sure we will go into this in more detail when we chat with the devs about it in a future batch of Q&As.

One of the reasons the size of the Banelings were increased from the size in the original Protoss Release Video was to make it plausible to defend against it. Before, if you have a group of Banelings attack with Zerglings, it was near impossible to focus fire on the Banelings. In the current build, their size, splash damage distribution, and hit points have been increased. These changes still make them potent, yet still allow the possibility of defense with superior micromanagement.

The final size of the Banelings still may change, but this is the current design they are testing.

Plenteous Banelings

One of the most seen offensive strategies internally at Blizzard is using the Queen to build base defenses on enemy creep in Zerg vs Zerg matches. The Queen can also regenerate the health of those defenses as well, making it an excellent Zerg on Zerg rush strategy.

Offensive towering taken to a new extreme. The Zerg Queen is the ultimate tower-rush weapon, capable of constructing the towers, healing them instantly, and providing back up herself. This is quite a risky move, but obviously a very effective one.



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