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During a presentation at GDC08, given by Rob Pardo, Blizzard’s Senior Vice President of Game Design, the audience was treated to a picture of a new Zerg unit:


There’s little doubt to the identity of this unit, which obviously resembles the infamous Ultralisk of StarCraft 1. Blizzard had already mentioned plans to bring back the Ultralisk in StarCraft 2:

The Ultralisk figures heavily in our current plans, but as with everything else relating to units and balance, this is subject to change.



Is this a sign of things to come? Blizzard must have known that fans will take note of any new Zerg related information, even if so cleverly hidden inside a game-design presentation.



Other notable slides in the presentation include the following, which deal with the UI:

unlimited-selection.jpg mbs.jpg

When discussing balance, Blizzard takes the opportunity to remind us about the inevitable beta, which will help them perfect the game:


Rob also took the time to answer a few questions regarding game design across all of Blizzard’s games:

Q: You were saying about not letting super-weapons into the game…


A: In a competitive player versus player game you want to avoid weapons, skills, tactics, that one player can get that the opposing player doesn’t feel they can realistically stop. As an example, in Descent 2, they introduced powerful weapons — a new player could pick up a power-weapon and one-shot you. You don’t want that.

Check out the rest of the presentation, which deals with Blizzard’s approach to MMOs, over at WOW Insider.


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