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Karune, Blizzard’s RTS community manager, has sprinkled a few bits of information on the Battle.net forums in response to various issues.

* A new Jim Raynor appearance has been confirmed by Karune. The screenshot, which originally appeared last week with the StarCraft2.com Siege Tank Page update, contains a reflection of Jim in the water.


Jim Raynor FOUND! +1 to Starcraft-Source.


* In a response to a question about whether or not the new mechanized Firebat can be healed by Medics, Karune says:

Correct, the Firebat is healed by Medics still, though in the current build, the Firebat has been taking out, to test a new Terran unit that could possibly fill its role. 1/8/2008 11:19:29 PM

The Firebat, which originally was not a part of StarCraft 2 and was brought back a while ago after pressure from fans, has now been taken out again in the current build.

Protoss Vs Terran

* Click for big


* Another post on Battle.net prompted a quick reply from Karune.

I heard that StarCraft 2 was the last StarCraft game being made by Blizzard forever. I believe your the one that said it… but I want to know if it’s true. Answer plz?

We’re not sure what faulty logic led to the creation of this topic, but Karune decided it warranted a reply:

StarCraft is a valued franchise to us and by many of our fans, thus, we are always exploring the possibilities of expanding upon it.


In reply to the Actvision comment, Blizzard is maintaining independence in both our projects and branding, meaning decisions regarding both will be in the hands of Blizzard employees. There are no plans to have this change.

Karune and Blizzard have already stated this many times before, even during the original announcement.


* Finally, Karune informs about a question that will be given attention in the next Q&A batch. In response to this question:

Q u o t e:
DTs and zeralots never die, the blue flash is them teleporting back to base to be patched together or put into a dragoon. Seriously, protoss soldiers actually dying?

I’m not sure if this person was being serious, but is this “true” according to the lore? I never thought of that possibility when I played the original sc, and I wondered why protoss corpses never remained. So is it because they are being warped away or simply how they die due to their strong psionic nature?

Karune promises an answer in the next Q&A:

I have had a chance to sit down with Andy Chambers, our StarCraft II Writer, to chat about this topic. There should be some answers in the upcoming Q&A batch.

That’s all for today’s Karuny goodness.

Update: Karune has posted a better picture with Raynor’s reflection. You can see it here.


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