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This month’s discussion topic might be less interesting and encompassing than the last one, but it is still an important issue that Blizzard requires feedback for. StarCraft is the most popular competitive RTS game in the world, and has been that way throughout the 9+ years of its existence. The Korean phenomenon is especially mind-blowing, considering the fact that Korean pro-gamers are de facto “E-Athletes”, and the huge impact StarCraft has had on Korean culture.

StarCraft gamers in Korea have a huge fan followingPro-Gamer TossGirl

Another curiosity worth a mention is that, apparently, StarCraft pro-gamers make excellent professional poker players – some have already collected winnings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here’s what Daniel “Rekrul” Schreiber has to say about this subject:

StarCraft and poker are similar games. I like to say they are both games of missing information. You have to figure out what your opponent is doing, then use that information against them. If you’re good at StarCraft, you’re likely to be good at poker.


While most casual players aren’t very interested in this topic, it is obvious that Blizzard is gearing StarCraft II to follow the same path as the original game.

Karune, Blizzard’s RTS community manager, posted a thread about the topic on battle.net:

Blizzard has a tradition of supporting competitive play. We have seen our games thrive to become popular eSports titles played in leagues worldwide. For StarCraft II we would like to continue in this spirit and offer you an enjoyable experience as a spectator, shoutcaster or participant in tournaments. We’d like to hear your opinion on eSports!

Here are Blizzard’s official questions for this topic:

* How do you experience eSports?


* What should a game offer to make it a good eSports game?


* What would you like to see in StarCraft II to enhance the eSports experience?


* Additional Feedback you would like to give

Additionally, here are the SC2 Blog’s questions for this topic:

1) Should Blizzard be directly involved in professional tournament and league management, or should it leave it for others to handle?


2) Will the added automation in StarCraft 2, compared to the original game, hurt its competitive potential?


3) Should Blizzard attempt to make StarCraft 2 a competitive, eSports-compatible game, or focus on making it the best game it can create, overlooking eSports considerations?

As usual, your feedback will be sent to Blizzard. See if you can top the “feedback” these Korean fans provided.


Edit: SC2 Blog Question (1) has been replaced.


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