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Is there a unit more defining of the Terran’s mechanized war machine? Today, Blizzard has added an official page for one of the most important units for the Terran race and for the entire game of StarCraft: the Siege Tank.


Builds From: Factory
Armament: Twin 90mm Cannons (assault mode)
120mm Shock Cannon (siege mode)
Role: Armored Support and Mobile Artillery

It’s the StarCraft 2 version of the Siege Tank. No change was really expected for this core unit, but Blizzard has decided to tweak it to better suit the needs of the Terran forces:

The Crucio is the Dominion update of the immensely popular but aging Arclite siege tank. The Arclite was renowned throughout the Confederacy for its devastating firepower and stalwart emplacement/advance tactics.

Although the Arclite was supremely effective in the artillery role, it suffered some shortcomings as a battle tank. It was a superb defensive unit, but in offensive operations it required substantial support to get to a forward emplacement. Enemies would often make strenuous efforts to get close to an emplaced siege tank battery so they could exploit its “deadzone.” If they were successful, this tactic usually meant destruction for the Arclites because even in assault mode the machines were too undergunned and poorly armored to fight off a determined close-range assault.

That’s an accurate description of the StarCraft 1 Arclite Siege Tank. While it was THE weapon of choice for any self-respecting Terran player, the Siege Tank was almost never used in its assault form. The artillery attack more than made up for it, however, putting the emphasis on “siege” instead of “tank” for this unit.


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Is this subject to change in StarCraft 2’s Crucio Siege Tank design? The next bit seems to suggest so. The new Siege Tank will cost a little more, be as effective in its artillery mode, but will also function as a real assault tank – something that’s sorely needed in the Terran army.

The Crucio has been designed for increased survivability with an enlarged, reinforced turret and hull. The new turret layout also features an upgraded assault-mode armament package so that the Crucio can fend for itself more successfully in an open battlefield. Force deployment costs for the Crucio have increased over the older Arclite, but the increased versatility of the powerful new siege tank more than compensates for the additional expense.


The Siege Tank has gone through a few changes during development, though mostly artistic ones. The current Siege Tank version has been around for a while and has received positive feedback all around. With Blizzard “officially” putting it up on StarCraft2.com, it seems to have finally received a seal of approval of sorts.


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