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Getting the full picture and having all the facts is important – this brief update deals with just that.
First of all, we have received an official confirmation for the fact that Blizzard will steer clear of consoles. StarCraft 2 will not be coming out for the XBox 360 or any other console, at least in the foreseeable future. Moreover, the Blizzard official has stated that no other Blizzard title will be released for consoles. This might imply that anything that does get released for consoles will be handled by the Activision department, leaving Blizzard to focus on the game’s development without being concerned with console matters.

Another option is to wait for a few (extremely) bored fans to take it upon themselves to port the game, but that might take a while.

image15.gif image21.gif

In other news, Karune’s lady-friend, which appeared on his video response, has been identified as the model/actress Lina so.



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