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Karune’s Video Response

Karune, the man who needs no introduction, has posted a non-Blizzard, unofficial video in response to an earlier video posted by a WarCraft III fan. The fan, frustrated by the delay of an anticipated patch, had decided to express his emotion by shooting a video of himself singing to Karune.


Warning: not for the weak of stomach. May contain awful lyrics, unintelligible accents and an Eminem tune.

Karune, touched by the dedication of his fan, filmed a video response of himself. The featured song follows the format of another infamous Eminem track, Stan – where Eminem replies to an obsessive fan. Nice touch, Karune!

Another nice touch that’s worth a mention is the girl that’s taking the place of Dido in this song. Karune’s girlfriend(?) laments his demanding job (it must be hard to play StarCraft 2 all day) and explains that he hardly has time for her.



Karune has really shown that being a community manager is serious business.

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