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New StarCraft 2 Terran Unit Page: The Nomad

More than 2 weeks have passed since the last unit update on StarCraft2.com. Today’s update deals with one of the units with knew the least about – the Terran Nomad.




Builds From: Starport
Armament: None
Role: Battlefield Support/Construction

The Nomad is, basically, a poor-man’s Science Vessel. Not as sophisticated or pretty, but it does the job of providing detection and other support functions to the Terran army.

The TF-620 nomad is an all-around workhorse that combines the functions of light manufacturing center and observation post rolled into one. A common sight among the fringe-world colonies, the nomad is a robust, air-mobile vehicle built to operate independently in all but the harshest climates. Although the nomad shares a number of common traits with its smaller cousin, the SCV, the nomad is a far more specialized and advanced engineering craft.



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The Nomad has a new, distinct ability: it can create various types of turrets and immediately drop them on the battlefield. Currently, we only know of one turret variant: the Auto-Turret.


The mechanics for creating the turret are not yet clear, but we speculate that they might be similar to the way Carriers build interceptors and Reavers build Scarabs. These are manufactured inside the unit, for a cost of minerals, and are then available to be used in combat. However, Karune has mentioned that the Auto-Turrets rely on energy only:

The turrets are dropped by the Nomad (using energy), acting as decent defenses, and even better harassment, if used by a skilled player.

Can the Nomad instantly create its special turrets and drop them on the battlefield without delay? We hope this question gets addressed in a future Q&A batch. Also, since the Nomad is described as a more advanced SCV, another important question to be asked is whether it will be able to repair Terran units and buildings.



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The Terran Dominion initially provided nomads to give low-level protection to its most isolated outposts, typically manning them with local civilians as something akin to a volunteer fire truck or ambulance service. Over time the military support applications of the nomad have seen it deployed in escalating levels of conflict, gradually replacing the older and vastly costlier science vessel.

The old Science Vessel, a Terran favorite when fighting the Zerg, is out. Can the Nomad provide an adequate replacement? The Science Vessel had many useful qualities and abilities:

  • Detection
  • Irradiate
  • Defensive Matrix
  • EMP Shockwave

As of the last update, the Nomad only has two of these – Detection and Defensive Matrix. EMP Shockwave has been relegated to the Ghost, and that leaves one, very important ability orphaned: Irradiate. Irradiate is a devastating ability when used against the Zerg, since all their units are organic, but it’s also a good weapon to have against a Templar-happy Protoss player. In fact, Irradiate was one of the main reasons Terran players teched-up to Science Vessels in StarCraft matches.

Will it be given to the Nomad? Will the new offensive turrets make up for its absence? Will it be added to the Super-Ghost‘s arsenal? Time will tell.

Goodbye, Science Vessel!



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