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StarCraft 2 December Discussion Topic: Artistic Direction

This month’s discussion starts a bit later than usual, even though the subject it deals with is much more expansive than the last one. Karune, Blizzard’s RTS community manager, has posted the new topic on battle.net. Here’s his introduction:

As everyone has already seen, StarCraft II has brought the world of StarCraft into 3D and added many new units, landscapes, and effects that have never been seen before. On this journey of consistent artistic evolution, we have seen Warp Rays changed to escort ships, the infamous Carrier brought back into action, and even the Siege Tank get a makeover. There is still much left to this artistic journey and now is the community’s chance to let us know what you love about StarCraft II visually and what you would change.

All three of the changes Karune mentions were brought by after specific feedback by Blizzard fans, posted on our blog and in their forums. The Carrier had been missed and was brought back into the foreground in place of the Warp Ray, while the Siege Tank’s old look was promptly changed after receiving more negative feedback than the decision to start the Iraq war.


Here’s your chance to influence Blizzard developers and get your input into StarCraft 2 again, in this discussion topic that deals with the game’s artistic direction. Apparently, the transformation of unit roles and their redesigns (Warp Rays, Carriers) are fair game as well, so take that into account when answering. Here are this month’s official questions:

* Do you like the new look of the landscapes?


* How does the Terran faction look visually?


* How does the Protoss faction look visually?


* Additional Feedback you would like to give

Additionally, here are the SC2 Blog’s questions for this topic:

1) Are you satisfied with the general artistic direction of the units in the game, which are mostly comprised of 3D versions of the old designs?


2) Do you feel that the new look, compared to StarCraft 1, is more, less, or equally “cartoony”?


3) Which of the returning units from StarCraft 1 has received the best StarCraft 2 design? Which is the worst?

We know these are tough questions, but Blizzard needs its community now more than ever. Go forth and provide your most eloquent responses – in the manner requested by Karune:

Please structure feedback as follows:


<question you’d like to answer>
<your answer>

<question you’d like to answer>
<your answer>

All of your comments will be sent to Blizzard – the feedback you provide shapes the game you’ll end up playing, and your opinion matters now more than ever.

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