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Blizzard has released three brand new StarCraft 2 screenshots via the Korean gaming website, GameMeca. The screenshots include multiple new and interesting details. Blizzard’s RTS community manager, Karune, has posted some clarifications in this Battle.net thread.
The first screenshot features a massive Terran versus Protoss clash, with the Terran holding the high ground against the Protoss onslaught.

Protoss Vs Terran

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Notice the small turret next to the bunker, under the Terran Nomad? Karune clarifies:

Q: What is the mysterious turret that is in the screenshot that has yet to be revealed? We’ve seen this before…. can you tell us what’s behind this?


Karune: The turrets are dropped by the Nomad (using energy), acting as decent defenses, and even better harassment, if used by a skilled player.

Another interesting detail is that the Colossi are shooting at the brand new destroyable doodads, as confirmed by Karune.

Q: What are the colossus shooting at in screenshot 1???


Karune: The Protoss Colossi are attempting to destroy the rocks blocking the Protoss forces from advancing up the ramp

The infantry you see standing right on ground Zero, in front of the Protoss Colossus’ beam, is none other than the recently reintroduced Firebat.

Q: Also, does the Firebat have any special abilities for instance one that makes a wall of fire and is channeled? Is there anything fresh that we haven’t seen for the firebat?


Karune: The Firebats are back with the same fire loving attitude, but with added Hit Points to help them get real close to their enemies. Firebats also must be produced from the Factory rather than the Barracks from the original StarCraft, since their suits are larger and able to sustain more enemy fire.

The second screenshot shows a clash between opposing Protoss forces and includes a group of High Templars attacking and casting Force Field to block a narrow passage between platforms.

Protoss vs Protoss

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Q: In pic2, the High Templars (which look awesome, btw) appear to have an attack coming from their hands. Do they now have an attack of their own, or are they channeling the barrier spell?


Karune: We are currently experimenting with giving the High Templars a standard attack, just enough to keep him out of trouble, but not actually powerful enough where you would want to use them as an offensive attack unit. The High Templar’s primary role is still to be a caster of special abilities.

This sort of implementation is similar to some of the caster types seen in WarCraft III. A moderately weak, short-ranged attack will allow the Protoss High Templar to be useful even after being hit by an EMP or while being harassed by Zerglings.
Karune also explained the exact mechanics of the Force Field, the High Templar’s defensive spell:

Q: About the force field, it is channeled? if so how long does it last, and what exactly it does, I mean you can’t pass through it or it acts as a barrier or something…


Karune: The Force Field is currently an instant cast, costing energy from the Protoss High Templar. This Force Field prevents all units from passing its perimeter.

And last but not least – the beautiful Terran Thor, deployed and ready for action.

Can I has Cheezeburger?

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Right up to this very moment, Karune has been providing additional information and clarifications regarding these new screenshots – the thread is already 5 pages long.


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