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ScreenShot Easter Eggs – Finding Jim Raynor

Jim RaynorThe good people over at SCLegacy have managed to spot four hidden Jim Raynor appearances in previously released gameplay screenshots. Blizzard’s official confirmation of the easter eggs followed shortly.
Jim Raynor is expected to play a major role in the StarCraft 2 story. As well, he has already been a subject of an earlier easter egg.

The following images link to four modified screenshots from the official StarCraft 2 Screenshot Gallery. Click the thumbnails to see the full image with the highlighted and zoomed areas showing Jim’s location.

Jim Raynor Easter Egg Jim Raynor Easter Egg 2 Jimmy ! Jim Raynor !

It’s important to note that this is not Jim Raynor’s in-game model, and is nothing more than an easter egg according to Blizzard.

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