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raynor2_100.gifEarlier this week, Blizzard has released its brand new and highly anticipated StarCraft 2 Fansite Kit. Such kits aren’t usually of much use for normal gamers, but provide invaluable resources for Blizzard fan sites, aiding in basic layout and setup of pages around the net. The graphics and layout templates included in the Kit can be of great help to StarCraft 2 site webmasters, but not only.

Art assets including screenshots, concept art, hi-res logos, and wallpapers
Site design elements including borders, backgrounds, fonts, and stylesheets
Exclusive content: Unit renders and forum avatars / Messenger images
StarCraft II fact sheet and FAQ
Sample StarCraft II text content
Site building tips

So what is in it for you ?

For starters, there is a collection of beautiful StarCraft 2 forum avatars of different characters and image sizes, which can be used in various forums and social sites that allow visitors to express themselves by adding a custom profile picture or forum avatar. Click here to download all the included avatars -(850 Kb) if that’s all you need, this will save you the 43 MB Kit download.

The kit also includes three beautiful (but not new) wallpapers, these three come in 1920*1200 resolution:
Marine WallpaperNukeZeratul

Inside the kit you will also find plenty of artwork, which includes this stunning 4000*1704 hallway illustration:


Along with several concept art drawings and unit sketches, the artwork section is definitely the best part of the Fansite Kit. It includes multiple high-resolution images that can be used for fan-art creation, as desktop wallpapers or even posters, if the right equipment is used. To download the StarCraft 2 Artwork section, click here.

To much disappointment, the kit does not include all of the available Protoss and Terran unit models, while the Zerg units are not represented in any way. The included screen-shots are not new, and neither is the sample site content. However, one image within the Fansite Kit brings hope to many Protoss fans…

The Reaver


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