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Though the Battle.net gaming service wasn’t the first of its kind, ever since its debut, it has been widely regarded as the prototypic example for all others to follow. Originally available as a platform for Diablo players, it has since been used for almost all of Blizzard’s games – WarCraft 2 and 3, StarCraft, and the Diablo sequel – everything but World of Warcraft runs on Battle.net servers.
It’s been almost 10 years since the first players had logged on to Battle.net to play multiplayer matches of StarCraft, and while it still holds up well, there’s a lot of room for evolution.

Blizzard is putting a lot of effort into improving and refining every aspect of StarCraft, and the new Battle.net version that will launch with it will be no exception. This month’s official discussion topic involves Battle.net, and Blizzard is, again, looking for input from the fans.


As promised, feedback and suggestions from the previous month’s official Mothership discussion have been passed directly to Karune and the Dev team, and will surely be noted.


Karune starts the post by thanking the fans for their input for last month’s discussion topic:

Thank you to all those who have participated in last months discussion about the Protoss Mothership. It was a fierce debate over what the community felt about the Mothership being unique or no unique. I will relay feedback from both the Battle.net and Fan Site Community to the Dev Team and give you an update later in the month.

Next, Karune informs about a new feature already present in the new Battle.net version:

As our Dev Team works hard on StarCraft II, so is our Battle.net team, in creating an online experience that will achieve the same pioneering spirit of the original Battle.net, as well as evolve the StarCraft II Community in refreshing and innovative ways. One of many new features that have been included in Battle.net is voice chat, providing better communication for more precise attacks and counterattacks with your teammates.

This part is directed at you, our readers and StarCraft fans:

Battle.net Questions for Fans:


* What did you love about the original Battle.net?
* How has Battle.net played a role in your online multiplayer experience?
* What features would you like to see in StarCraft IIs Battle.net?

* Additional Feedback you would like to give

The more specific your input is, the more it is of help to Blizzard’s developers – and in the long run, to the gamers themselves, who will be enjoying the new and improved platform once it’s deployed.


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