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While real StarCraft 2 news is scarce, Blizzard still continues dishing out interviews to all who ask, slowly revealing interesting details about StarCraft 2 and their other projects.

Gamasutra has published a long interview with Chris Sigaty, lead producer of StarCraft 2, discussing all things Blizzard. They talk about many of Blizzard’s games, the instant success of their foray into MMO territory with World of Warcraft, their legions of fans in Asia, and Blizzard’s plans for the future.

Here’s a small, interesting tidbit to whet your appetite:

How long do you think original Starcraft is going to keep going when Starcraft 2 comes out?


CS: You know, for us, we’re definitely not trying to remove the Starcraft original players out of the mix. We believe that people will want to move over and play, but we’re certainly not trying to eliminate anybody. It’s a totally different game. It’s a lot of the same magic, gameplay-wise: fun gameplay. So I think they can co-exist. I won’t know; this is just for me guessing of course, how many people are going to move over.

Another interview, conducted by OnlineWelten, asks a few redundant questions in an entertaining, hostile manner.

Starcraft-Welten: Will the mistake publishing an expansion pack which divides the community be repeated? Or have you already thought about this for a future expansion? (stopping Battle.net support for players without the expansion)


Blizzard: Actually Brood War was one of the most widely adopted and accepted expansion packs ever – hardly anyone stayed with vanilla StarCraft so there is no real division of the community noticeable. Today hardly anyone plays vanilla StarCraft only and all leagues and sites also support StarCraft Brood War. But to answer the question: We are still very early in the development process and it is far too early to discuss any details about an expansion pack.


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