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We have gathered three fan created unit concepts that have been posted on the Battle.net forums. These are interesting concepts, graphically and gameplay-wise, and discussion about their place in the game is warranted (and just plain fun!).
On to the ideas:

First, The Matriarch.

The Matriarch is a medium/heavy melee support unit that can be used in different ways, depending on the owner’s preference. The Matriarch is also a Zerg counter to the Reapers and colossi in that it can scale cliffs. It can also jump small gaps(water, lava, etc.) which is also something the stalkers can do (I’m surprised nobody has brought up that the Terran don’t have a ‘gap-jumping’ unit). The Matriarch can function effectively as a tank with it’s Regeneration ability, it can assault bases with Acid Web or use it to cover their retreat by slowing enemy units. If they are outnumbered, each Matriarch can release a pair of Symbionts to reinforce their numbers. These create a lot of different strategies that the Matriarch is useful for, but abilities like EMP Shockwave and Feedback can be devastating to Matriarchs, and with no air attack and an inability to burrow, they are fairly vulnerable to enemy air units.


An interesting idea for a Zerg unit. The Matriarch is meant to provide valuable support for the Zerg swarm and even function well in ground combat, as long as it’s not facing a greatly superior force – which its natural mobility will allow it to avoid.

A few original ideas for abilities were presented: The Matriarch can create two Zergling-like creatures on the spot, which last a short time on the battlefield before dying off, but only require the Matriarch’s energy to produce. Its “Acid Web” ability functions like a hybrid of plague and ensnare, and can also be set as a trap. The most interesting ability, strategy wise, is “Infest Building“, which allows the Matriarch to infest any large damaged building, and transform it into a sort of field hatchery, which will produce larvae and surround itself in creep.



Is there a place for such a unit in the Zerg arsenal? The Matriarch and the Queen‘s roles clearly overlap. However, considering the Queen’s mediocre popularity, this fighter/caster hybrid might be the type of evolution the Zerg need. The Matriarch is more powerful than the Queen, both physically and in the impact its abilities might have on the game.

Next up, a lighter concept.


This wonderfully drawn, yet nameless Zerg unit is intended to provide medium range support for the Zerg’s usually close-range or melee attackers. Its green energy-slime ball attack will damage enemy units in a radius, and will create an “ensnare” effect which will slow them down, allowing other Zerg units to quickly catch up with and surround the affected units. Another post, later in the thread, suggests another ability for this unit: a Baneling launcher! Traditionally, StarCraft has never had an artillery unit, but this idea is very cute and fits well with the Zerg theme.

Perhaps a name can even come out of it? How about “Catalisk“?

This Scropion-like monstrosity is intended to be a slow moving, relatively armored unit which will allow the Zerg to lay siege or create a presence on the battlefield, somewhat similar to the role Brood War Lurker plays. Will it fit the Zerg of StarCraft 2? We think Blizzard are gearing the Zerg to become the ultimate mobile, swarm based race (as opposed to the heavily fortified, siege capable Terrans), with no dedicated ground support or other units meant to take and hold ground. What do you think?

Lastly, The Desalisk.

The Zerg Desalisk is quite a nightmare in it’s own right, capable of delivering devastating results upon the field of battle. It seems almost insanely driven to kill anything in it’s path, leaving the power of the Cerebrets the only thing that keeps these ravenous monstrosities from tearing even other strains of Zerg limb from limb. What really disturbs the enemies of the Swarm is the fact that these beasts harbor two parasitic creatures within their bodies.

When the Desalisk falls, these little horrors, called Setalisks, burst free of the corpse, slowly developing from their parasitic form into nightmares of their own. Worse yet, these parasites can infest other organic targets, flooding their minds with a toxic chemical that strips their short term memory…thus they never remember that a parasitic creature burrowed into their flesh. These infected troops can be unaware of the creature they harbor within for countless days…until they’re compelled by the swarm to burst free of their host and kill all around. Many of outposts have fallen due to the unseen swarm of Setalisks within their very own ranks…waiting for the perfect time to burst from their new found hosts.


The Desalisk and its Setalisk parasites could make an otherwise normal melee unit into something that requires more finesse. The Desalisk itself is designed as a normal Zerg close range attacker (although the author also entertains the option of a ranged-attack upgrade), but the Setalisks that are hosted within it make it more interesting. These parasites, released upon the Desalisk’s death, will burrow into unsuspecting enemies and remain undetected by them. The Setalisks will be able to erupt from their hosts at the place and time of their choosing, and wreak havoc on unsuspecting enemies. At times, after they’ve already been carried to more sensitive locations.


This kind of unit will justify the Zerg’s old name – “Nightmarish Invaders”, and allow them to terrorize their enemies effectively (as if giant worms that travel underground, carrying Zerglings, weren’t enough).

This is one of the most detailed unit concepts ever submitted by a fan, and it’s worth checking out. The author even included some fiction, related through the eyes of a Terran marine engaging this unit in battle.


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