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Closely following the official Mothership discussion on Battle.net, Blizzard has updated its StarCraft2.com website with a page for the unit.

<a href="http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor.swf" target="_blank">http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor</a>

Builds From: Stargate
Armament: Disruptor Pulse
Role: Capital Ship

Protoss motherships are mighty vessels that were constructed centuries ago during the golden age of protoss expansion. They were intended to act as primary command ships to lead vast armadas of protoss explorers into the darkness of deep space and bring them safely home again. Those days are long gone, and the surviving motherships later became holy shrines to the protoss, representing an honored way of life and a part of the proud history of the protoss race.


As we have mentioned in yesterday’s Mothership discussion post, the Mothership is a problematic unit, which has spawned many debates. Check out the post to learn more about its issues.

Currently, the Mothership has 3 abilities:

1) Cloak. This ability allows the Mothership to hide all ground units in a small radius around it, effectively granting them invulnerability to attacks as long as there are no detectors around. Moreover, the Cloak appears to work on buldings as well – a feat that might prove to be of great defensive value. Hiding specific production buildings or a besieged expansion and its defenses from the enemy could easily turn the tide of the game.

<a href="http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor.swf" target="_blank">http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor</a>

2) Time Bomb. This ability, that’s been presented in the original gameplay video, can now be cast on a specific location, rendering all enemy attacks from it useless.

<a href="http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor.swf" target="_blank">http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor</a>

3) Planet Cracker. Another ability which we’ve seen in the original gameplay presentation, this ability allows the Mothership to damage targets underneath it with a devastating beam attack. The attack animation has been changed since the presentation in May, and now looks less impressive.

<a href="http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor.swf" target="_blank">http://starcraft2.com/flash/global/unitsplayer_terran_thor</a>

Powerful abilities indeed. Such “spells” are usually given to more fragile, dedicated spell-caster units, such as the Protoss Arbiter or Zerg Defiler, in StarCraft. It will be interesting to see which of these abilities survives the intense scrutiny placed on the Mothership and makes it to the final game.


At the heart of each mothership is a huge khaydarin crystal infused with an incredible amount of psionic energy. By tapping into this energy, a mothership can warp or crack the very fabric of space and time itself. The devastating power of a mothership can wipe out squadrons of enemy ships in the blink of an eye or lay waste to entire planets. As the golden age reached its apogee, the motherships were left in place as titanic monuments at the farthest reaches of protoss exploration. It was believed that their like would not be needed again.


After the loss of Aiur, however, the motherships were called back into service from the far corners of the galaxy. Now they are crewed not with mystics and historians, but with warriors. The oldest and most powerful weapons of the protoss have been awakened and are prepared to burn the galaxy to avenge the loss of the protoss homeworld.



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