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67869.jpegBlizzard has always excelled in gathering community feedback, and having the largest and most loyal fan base in gaming industry effectively provides Blizzard with an endless pool of ideas, comments, art, and basically, pre-release QA.

So, after the nerfing and probably the reaching of some sort of unit role crisis, Karune has initiated an official month-long discussion around one of the most controversial units to ever be put in a progamer-oriented RTS game: the Mothership. The Mothership and its abilities have been deemed problematic from the start, as Blizzard’s intial gameplay video displayed a hyper-powerful unit that:

  • Blocks projectiles (Time Bomb)
  • Annihilates entire fleets (Black Hole)
  • Eradicates ground units with AoE attack (Planet Cracker)

– a unit which has little place on the usually delicately balanced battlefield of competitive RTS gaming.

Karune is doing the right thing when he’s turning to the community in order to provide Blizzard with advice regarding their own creation. He asks the following questions:

Discussion Topic: The Protoss Mothership

Battle.net Questions for Fans:

  • Do you think the Protoss Mothership should be a unique unit (1 per player maximum) or should you be able to build more than one? Why?
  • What do you think about the Mothership’s abilities? (Time Bomb, Cloaking Field, Planet Cracker, Black Hole (currently out))
  • Additional Feedback you would like to give

Our readers are encouraged to provide their own answers to Karune’s questions, as the monthly discussion also includes Fan Site community input, and we have already contacted Karune with a request to provide SC2 Blog with an additional batch of questions we can give feedback to.
Here is an example of an excellent and detailed response by AmeriPize.


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