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Battle.net Official Post Round-Up

A few interesting posts by Karune, the RTS community manager, and Dustin “Cavez” Browder, lead game designer, have popped up on the Battle.net forums in the last couple of days. We’ve gathered the interesting bits for your perusal:

1) A post asking about the Ghost’s abilities, and specifically Lockdown, received this answer from Karune:

Lockdown was definitely a great ability for the Ghost and we would not have removed it if we didn’t think we were going to add something better, or that it wouldn’t make sense for game balance.


Nothing is final, thus if something better isn’t added, it is possible for the lockdown to be back.


Think of this time as a period where we swap out original ideas that we think we could improve or innovate, to test how it would affect the overall game. If it doesn’t work, we can always go back to what worked previously with no harm done.

Here’s the ability’s description, in case you’re unfamiliar with it:


Lockdown Targets mechanical units shorting out circuitry of target, rendering it immobile for about 60 seconds. The Locked down unit cannot be controlled in any way. You also cannot use any of their special abilities if that particular unit has any.

2) A post asserting that units with official pages on StarCraft2.com will not be changed elicited this response from Karune:

Sorry, nothing is final, not even the stuff on the site. We really need to go through beta before we would be ready to say “final” about anything. We need gamers to play.

3) A poster has asked about the Reaper’s abilities and its function inside a Bunker. Cavez clarifies:

1) Reapers can enter bunkers.


2) Reapers cannot throw their bombs from inside a bunker.


3) Reaper explosives damage everybody, including poorly controlled Reapers that are ordered to move close to their own explosives. The life of a Reaper is dangerous.


4) Cavez provides his thoughts about warping in buildings as Protoss:

It does make sense and we have talked about this one quite a lot. Ultimately we discarded it because we felt like it would take away from the Terrans, as moving Terran buildings around is pretty core to Terran mechanics.

5) Lastly, Battle.net poster poplini has written up an excellent list of suggestions, which received this response from Cavez:

Nice list. Well written. Thanks a ton.

Here are a few highlights from that list:

I would like to see a graph with time on the x-axis and various aspects of the game plotted on the y-axis per player or team. This would include the obvious things like gas/minerals mined/spent and number of units alive/produced, but it would be great if it could also include other things as well such as the amount of damage dealt, tech percentage, and even percentage of the map that was visable or clicks per minute. If this feature is comprehensive enough it could begin to be used as a tool for players to improve their games in addition to watching replays.


in FFA (free-for-all) games I would like to be able to specify a bounty on players. You would probably type a number into a box in the alliance menu to do this. There would be a separate box for minerals and gas. The bounty would be anonymous, but it would be announced to all players when a bounty has been increased. A text message on the screen would say : “The bounty on <raceIcon> <playerColor>playerName</playerColor> has been increased to XXX <mineralIcon> and YYY <gasIcon>.”


Have a map of the Earth with dots representing where players are logged in from. Maybe bigger dots would mean more players. Maybe have the color of the dot represent the race that is played most often there.

We hope his ideas are implemented.


It’s always good to see the Blizzard developers commenting on the development of the game and answering the fans’ questions. We will continue to cover these interesting posts, so you, our faithful readers, don’t have to wade through the endless amount of spam on the Battle.net forums.

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