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Karune, Blizzard’s RTS community manager, has posted a 10th batch of answers to questions posted by the fans. Compared to the normal Q&A sessions, this one brings new, interesting information, and brings up even more follow up questions.

1) What does the “Intercept Missiles” function of the Predator do exactly?


The Predator is equipped with a point defense laser system which destroys incoming enemy projectiles. This ability makes the Predator an excellent support fighter to help defend slower capital ships, such as the Battlecruiser.


2) Can the Radar Tower also detect invisible units even in Fog of War?


No. On the other hand, Sensor Arrays and Radar Towers do allow all Missile Turrets in its range to also detect invisible units within those Missile Turrets range.

The meaning of this answer is not clear. Is Karune saying that only a combination of a Sensor Array/Radar Tower and a Missile Turret will provide detection? That would seem superfluous and even a bit silly. Here’s hoping the Sensor Array and Radar Towers function as detectors by themselves.


3) Can the Thor defend itself against air units well?


The Thor unit can attack air units, although it has a relatively slow rate of fire. It is always still better to escort your Thor units with additional support units.


4) Can the Thor be attacked by the Missile Turret like the Colossus?



The Colossus is tall enough to be vulnerable to anti-air attacks, but apparently, the Thor is not.

5) Will phase cannons dissipate if they travel outside influence of pylon matrix?


No, phase cannons will not be destroyed if they travel outside of pylon power. However, phase cannons caught outside of pylon power will still be able to move but will also be stuck in energy form. They cannot redeploy until they are back in range of pylon power. Also, while in energy form, phase cannons have no shields and are extremely vulnerable to enemy fire.

We have previously speculated that the Phase Cannon energy form is limited to Pylon energy range, but apparently they can also travel outside of it. This sounds like an extremely powerful ability – perhaps too powerful. It’s easy enough to construct a Pylon on the battlefield and then produce Phase Cannons on the spot – it will be even easier now that it’s possible to set up power with a Phase Prism and stream in the cannons.


However, this can be offset by having the energy form travel very slowly outside energy range, while remaining vulnerable.

6) When a player in a team game leaves will the computer AI take over? Or, will the remaining players be given control of that person’s team?


Computer AI will not take over if your ally leaves in a team multiplayer game. Although, if you have allied control set, the player will be able to control their allys units after they leave.

Lastly, in case you missed it, here’s Karune himself appearing in the flesh in a YouTube video.


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