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StarCraft 2 – Banshee Unit Official Page Added

Banshee The official StarCraft 2 website has been updated with a new page, containing little information and some nice art of one of the Terran’s newest machines, the AH/G-24 BANSHEE.

Builds From: Starport
Armament: Backlash Cluster Rockets
Role: Tactical Strike Aircraft


The Terran’s Banshee is a completely new unit – neither an upgrade nor an update to any unit in the Terran arsenal. The unit’s role on the battlefield appears to be somewhat similar to the Zerg Guardian‘s role of a heavy air-to-ground striker, able to eliminate lightly defended expansions and provide powerful anti-ground support for capital ships and infantry forces.

Banshee Art

As a planetary craft, the banshee wouldn’t need high-powered engines to achieve escape velocity and fight in orbit, so instead technicians fitted it with economical twin turbofans. Any air-to-air weaponry was deemed unnecessary: the banshee would only hunt ground targets. Thus, it was equipped with powerful air-to-ground cluster rockets.

While hit and run attacks are mentioned multiple times on the Banshee’s web page, experience shows that aerial hit and run tactics are often impractical and costly, due to cheap stationary anti-air defences and, most importantly, other airborne units that the Banshee simply has no weapons against. The Banshee’s true role on the battlefields is yet to be decided, but there will always be a room for a heavy air-to-ground bomber.

CnC OrcaThe Banshee’s design was obviously inspired by the famous ORCA series of machines, used by the GDI faction in the Command and Conquer RTS series. StarCraft 2 is full of Command and Conquer influences, and the Banshee’s design and function are no exception; Dustin Browder‘s touch is more evident than ever.

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