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A gameplay video, filmed at Gen Con, has been uploaded to YouTube. The video itself isn’t very thrilling, but it is accompanied with commentary by Blizzard’s very own Karune, the RTS community manager.

Video highlights:

  • The Viking is a replacement for the Goliath.
  • The flier transformation upgrade for the Viking is researched at the Tech Lab, the Factory’s add-on.
  • When the Command Center is upgraded, the transformation is distinct and very visible, allowing the Terran player’s opponent to know what to expect if he’s observant enough.


  • Karune says there are different death animations for various units, depending on how they meet their demise.
  • “StarCraft really shoots for having each individual unit have a lot of personality… and they all serve a very particular role”
  • The Siege ability for the Siege Tank is also found in the Tech-Lab.


  • “Everything has a role. Everything has a reason for existing in the game”.
  • Profile shot of Karune himself at 7:44, for the hardcore fans.

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