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Dustin Browder, StarCraft 2’s lead game designer, answers some questions by Korean journalists.

The questions are in Korean, but Dustin’s detailed answers compensate for that .

Interview highlights:

  • Dustin mentions that Blizzard is yet to unviel a lot of improvements to its Battle.net service, which will greatly benefit modders and e-sport gamers.
  • Dustin says that at this stage of development, StarCraft 2 feels very similar to StarCraft 1. In later stages (Dustin refers to going Gold, but we can all expect a Beta) the differences will hopefully become much clearer.
  • When asked whether or not Battle.net will require a monthly fee, Dustin says he doesn’t know yet!
  • The Firebat is one of Dustin’s favorite units, but as of now, it’s not in the game.
  • Dustin is asked about the Medic’s ability to “attack move” and heal troops on the way, something which wasn’t present in the BlizzCon build. He says it was a mistake, and that they’re still working on the hotkeys and controls.
  • Dustin says that the game will be easier for medium-skilled players, due to better controls, but still challenging and rewarding for very skilled players, who will now have even more ways to dominate their opponents.

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