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New Protoss Unit Page: The Dark Templar; New Wallpaper Up



Blizzard has added a Dark Templar page to StarCraft2.com. As usual, new screenshots and mini-videos accompany it, giving a good feel of the unit. An extensive backstory is also featured, providing insight into the unit’s history and abilities.



Builds From: Gateway
Armament: Modified Warp Blade
Role: Stealth Infiltrator

The dark templar are powerful psionic warriors whose forebears were exiled from the protoss homeworld of Aiur over a thousand years ago. The protoss who would eventually become the dark templar were banished for their refusal to join the emerging Khala, the communal mind link shared by all protoss, and the accompanying caste system enforced by the ruling Conclave of the protoss.

The Dark Templar were first introduced to StarCraft in the Brood War expansion. The expansion added a greater emphasis on stealth units and detection, and the Dark Templar was chosen to fulfill the role of a hard hitting, cloaked attacker for the Protoss. While they were relatively fragile, their permanent, energy independent cloaking kept them safe.


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The exiled protoss wandered far before eventually making a new home on the twilight world of Shakuras. They developed a solitary and independent culture, with individuals often widely scattered across space in their own ships, exploring and contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Over time these dark templar have learned to wield a very different kind of psionic strength than that of the Khala: the energies of the Void, the dark spaces between worlds.

The Dark Templars’ modified warp blade deals much more damage than any other melee unit in StarCraft, making them very effective for taking down targets quickly. The Dark Templars were favorites when it came to raiding an enemy’s supply line – they were able to destroy Probes and Drones in 1 hit, and SCVs in 2 hits each. With the addition of the Phase Prism as an advanced mode of transportation, sneaking Dark Templars behind enemy lines will be easier than ever.


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Though severed from their homeworld and feared by their own brethren for many centuries, the dark templar never abandoned their love of Aiur. In recent times they were reunited with the protoss of their homeworld when the heroes Tassadar and Zeratul joined forces to fight the zerg Overmind. The Overmind was defeated, but the planet Aiur was ravaged in the process and so badly overrun by zerg that the survivors retreated to Shakuras. Now the protoss who were once exiled find themselves playing host to refugees from their old home.

The concept art illustration that was presented on BlizzCon’s walls appears here as well. We can clearly see the design of the Dark Templar’s new weapon – the double warp blade. His attack is very reminiscent of the Demon Hunter’s attack from WarCraft III. However, it seems like the Dark Templar only uses one of the two blades in his attack animation.


Don’t forget to check out the StarCraft2.com page for the mini-videos. Note that an Observer makes an appearance in the second one, decloaking the Dark Templars and exposing them to attack.


Also, a new Wallapaper has been added, featuring a Marine squad fighting with a nuke going off in the background – its radiation beautifully reflected in their armor. War sure is pretty in the StarCraft universe.

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