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While Blizzard saved most of its unit and gameplay revelations for BlizzCon, this E3 interview with Paul Della Bitta, Senior Community Manager at Blizzard (courtesy of Epileptic Gaming) covers some interesting issues regarding StarCraft 2’s development and the major gameplay considerations taken into account by Blizzard.

Interview highlights:

  • When asked about what can be expected in terms of gameplay and features, Paul states that the competative gaming aspect is a key issue.
  • Blizzard is comitted to making the game playable and enjoyable for people without high-end gaming rigs, which, considering the amount of units and graphic details of StarCraft 2, would be quite challenging.
  • StarCraft 2’s development started five years ago, but was put on hold due to World of Warcraft’s mindblowing success.
  • The majority of StarCraft 2’s development team worked on the original StarCraft, and many have been with Blizzard for over 13 years.
  • The Editor and scripting tools will be powerful, and Blizzard will support and encourage the development of custom maps and gameplay for StarCraft 2. DoTA is mentioned as an example of a great WarCraft 3 modification.
  • StarCraft’s storyline takes the Protoss “away from the light”, and is one of the reasons for the introduction of darker units.

An interesting but rather understandable aspect of the interview is Paul’s multiple mentions of how Blizzard is trying to live up to its own RTS standards in terms of balance and gameplay, which were set insanely high by the original StarCraft.
After all, prettier graphics and wider unit selection do not constitute a better RTS game.


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